Washer – Sterilizers (FOWS)


FOWS is not just a dual machine but an innovative multipurpose, flexible system capable of operating in different modes and offering a cost-effective solution where both cleaning and/or sterilization processes are needed.It is capable of washing, decontaminating, sterilizing and drying various types of loads in one single process or even just single sub-processes as no traditional machine can ever do.

Process optimization:

  • 4 processes in 1 machine.
  • Optimization of material flows, by reducing cross-contamination risks.
  • Simplification of procedures and process
  • Possible to develop and validate the entire process


  • Reduction of installation, qualification, maintenance, revalidation and personnel training costs.
  • Reduction of floor space needed and total process time.


  • Can run the unit as a washer, as an autoclave or as a combined unit.
  • The load will be washed, sterilized and dried at once in 110 minutes.
  • The parts used in a clean room are processed and unloaded again in the same area. Dedicated washing racks allow to standardize each load thus simplifying validation.

Highly-efficient & Eco-friendly:

  • Uses steam for improving washing/degreasing performances and vacuum for drying
  • It is more environmental friendly machine with lower energy consumption than any traditional alternative.
  • Capability of removal of large masses of sticky ointments/creams.

Washing and sterilization of:

  • All types of containers
  • Animal cages
  • Machine parts (also some pumps outside the machine)
  • Flexible hoses
  • Glassware
  • Assorted components

Sterilization of:

  • Everything (solids & liquids) that is typically processed with a steam sterilizer

Chemical decontamination of:

  • Temperature sensitive goods (pass-through function)