Undercounter Glassware Washer-disinfectors PG 85

With the many innovations on board the new PG 8583 and PG 8593 washer disinfectors, Miele Professional has taken reprocessing onto the next level. This model series is characterised by an intelligent combination of completely redesigned technical components, new application-specific programmes and a wide range of monitoring functions, offering safety and efficiency in reprocessing
Innovation for greater performance and reliability.                                                               Greater capacity – Greater purity – Greater flexibility

Greater capacity

  • High throughput capacity (up to 130 injector nozzles for laboratory glassware) is the result of optimised cabinet dimensions in combination with completely redesigned load.
    carriers and results in savings in terms of time, space and investments.
  • Rear docking frees up unobstructed space in load carriers.
  • Laboratory glassware turnaround is increased and work is speeded up at peak hours.

Greater purity

  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Variable-speed pump for perfect spray pressure in all programme
  • Laser technology is used to weld the chamber sections to give a
    perfectly smooth, crevice-free finish for the ultimate in hygiene.
  • Spray pressure and spray arm rotation is monitored in order to
    prevent any loss in circulation pressure or to immediately identify
    obstacles in the path of the spray arms.
  • Conductivity monitoring ensures required water quality

Greater flexibility

  • A new, modular basket concept offers maximum flexibility and intuitive operation as modules can be used in different combinations and can be reconfigured.
  • Wide range of combination options to accommodate various load situations
  • Reduction in number of load carriers needed saves both on investments and storage space
  • In addition to a broad selection of standard programmes, programme customisation ensures cycles which perfectly suit the type of soil and the type and quantity of laboratory glassware

Washer Disinfector PG 8583 PG 8593
Width [mm] 600,
Height [mm] 835 , 600
Shortest Cycle [ mins] 19 18
Load Capacity Example : 128 laboratory flasks or 98 pipettes together with other laboratory glassware
Special Features
EcoDry Drying Integrated DryPlus hot-air drying
Depending on version, upto 2 integrated dispenser pumps for liquid products Integrated dispenser pump for liquid detergent

Performance / Capacity

Processing per batch. For example, 128 laboratory bottles or 98 pipettes and additional laboratory glassware


Under / freestanding unit with lid


Stainless steel casing (AE)


  • Touch Control, control panel with 3-line display
  • Show: Program name, target / actual temperature, remaining time, Error Messages
  • Operation: Touch on stainless steel


Universal, Standard, Intensive, Anorganica, Organica, injector Plus, pipettes, plastics, Mini, Oil Programme, Special 93 ° C-10 ‘, DI water rinsing, rinsing, drying, 2 free memory locations

Process documentation

Process documentation via software (with Ethernet module) or USB solution / printer (with RS232 module)

Standard equipment

4-fold filter system with flat filter, coarse filter, glass shard and micro-fine filter, double-walled construction with insulation for best sound insulation, Flowmeter to monitor water intake quantity, Auto Close – automatic door lock, buzzer and audible signal at program end, 2 redundant temperature sensors, extensive safety equipment, measuring access for easy positioning of sensors during validation

Cleaning Technology

Hygiene – freshwater system with water change after each cleaning phase, variable speed BLPM pump for optimally adapted flushing pressure in the various phases of the program, Rear Basket coupling for shorter waterways and higher flushing pressure, newly developed spray arms with revised nozzle shape and arrangement of a highly effective spray pattern, injector system for thorough hollow body cleansing

Wash cabinet

Using laser technology gap-free welded Wash cabinet made of stainless steel with particularly smooth seams offers no deposit options for dirt

Circulation pump

Powerful circulating pump with Qmax. 500l / min


  • 1 dosing pump for liquid cleaners
  • 2 connectivity for DOS K 85 or DOS K 85/1 for liquid media

Water softener

Water softener for cold and hot water to 65 ° C

Steam condenser

Efficient spray steam condenser

Mains water supply

  • 1x cold water (KW)
  • 1x cold water for steam condenser
  • 1x AD water (AD)
  • 1x hot water (DHW)
  • Waterproof System (WPS)

Water drain

1 Drain hose

Electrical connection

  • 3N AC 400V 50Hz
  • Heating [kW]: 8.5
  • Circulation pump [kW]: 0.8
  • Power consumption [kW]: 9.3
  • Hedge [A]: 3 x 16
  • Adjustable to:AC 230V 50Hz
  • Heating [kW]: 2.5
  • Circulation pump [kW]: 0.8
  • Power consumption [kW]: 3.3
  • Hedge [A]: 16