NanoDrop™ Lite Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop Lite Spectrophotometer is a compact, personal UV-Vis microvolume. It uses the same sample retention system that has become a hallmark of NanoDrop instruments; the sample is held in place by surface tension only.

  • The NanoDrop Lite performs basic microvolume measurements.
  • Its compact design, with built-in controls and software, make the NanoDrop Lite small enought to fit on any benchtop.
  • The patented sample retention system allows sample to be pipetted directly onto the optical measurement surface.
  • After measurement the sample is wiped off the measurement surface with a lint free lab wipe.
  • Measures nucleic acid concentration at 260nm and purity using the 260/280 ratio
  • Measures purified protein concentration at 280nm
  • Employs the unique NanoDrop microvolume sampling technology
  • Delivers the accuracy and reproducibility expected from NanoDrop instruments
  • Uses built-in controls and software–no computer required
  • Optional accessory printer for cryogenic labels available
Instrument Type Spectrophotometer
Instrument Control Local control
Minimum Sample Size 1 µL
Sample Number 1
Pathlength(s) 0.5 mm
Light Source(s) Light emitting diodes
Excitation Maxima of LEDs N/A
Detector Type Silicon photodiode
Wavelength Range 260 and 280 nm
Wavelength Accuracy N/A
Spectral Resolution < 8.0 nm
Typical Measurement Reproducibility 0.002
Absorbance Accuracy 3% (at 1.05 Abs at 260 nm)
Absorbance Range (10 mm equivalent) 0 – 30 Abs
Fluorescence Range N/A
Lower Limit of Detection  4 ng/µL (dsDNA)0.12 mg/mL (BSA)
 Maximum Concentration 15 ng/µL (dsDNA)
  45 mg/mL (BSA)
Measurement Time < 5 seconds
Footprint 16 x 11.5 cm
Weight 0.8 kg
Sample Pedestal 303 stainless steel and
Material of Construction quartz fiber
Cuvette Position  N/A
Operating Voltage 6 V (DC)
Operating Power Consumption 18 W
Standby Power Consumption < 2.5 W
Software Compatibility Local control only
Catalogue No. Description
ND-NDL-PR-US-CAN Microvolume Spectrophotometer with Printer
ND-NDL-US-CAN Microvolume Spectrophotometer