NanoDrop™ 3300 Fluorospectrometer

Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer  is  versatile and cost-effective for broad spectrum fluorescence analysis. Using a patented technology, it uses as little as 1 μL of sample volume.

  • The NanoDrop 3300 significantly lowers the mass detection limit more than an order of magnitude, compared to conventional fluorometers.
  • With its advanced features and analysis options, the NanoDrop 3300 allows for a diverse range of measurements from routine RiboGreen, PicoGreen, and GFP to advanced nanoparticle and FRET analysis.
  • Small footprint, fast measurement, and easy to use
  • Sample size as small as 1μL
  • UV, Blue and White LED excitation, covering a broad wavelength range
  • No filter changes
  • No expensive monochromator
  • Ability to run diverse applications
  • Customize applications specific to your research
  • Measures multiple fluorophores from a single sample
  • Tools to eliminate the guesswork
  • Provides both spectral and quantitative data
  • No external power supply is required; all operating power is supplied by the USB port on the PC.
Instrument Type Fluorospectrometer
Instrument Control Computer software
Minimum Sample Size 1 µL
Sample Number 1
Pathlength(s) N/A
Light Source(s) Light emitting diodes
Excitation Maxima of LEDs UV: 365 nm, Blue: 470 nm,White: 460 – 650 nm
Detector Type 2048-element linear silicon CCD array
Wavelength Range 400 – 750 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±1 nm
Spectral Resolution < 8 .0nm (FWHM at Hg 546.1 nm)
Typical Measurement Reproducibility < 5% CV (10 nM fluorescein)
Absorbance Accuracy** N/A
Absorbance Range (10 mm equivalent) N/A
Fluorescence Range > 4 orders of magnitude fluorescein
Lower Limit of Detection  < 1 fmol fluorescein
Maximum Concentration N/A
Measurement Time 2 – 10 seconds
Footprint 14 x 20 cm
Weight 1.5 kg
Sample Pedestal Material of Construction 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber
Cuvette Position N/A
Operating Voltage 5 V (DC)
Operating Power Consumption 2 W
Standby Power Consumption 1 W
Software Compatibility Professional versions of Windows® XP (32 bit) Service Pack 2 or later; Windows® Vista™ (32 bit); Windows® 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Catalogue No. Description
ND-3300 NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer
ND3300LAPTOP NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer with Laptop Computer