Large Chamber Glassware Washer

Strong Performance : Perfect quality and patented innovations – typically Miele!

  • ┬áSanitary fresh water cleaning system
  • Two powerful circulation pumps of 264 gallons/minute in total
  • Spray arms with high-impact force
  • Direct Injection for accurate cleaning of hollow instruments
  • Hot-air drying for perfect results
  • Strong heating elements

Perfect Safety : Offering users maximum benefits in terms of hygiene, safety and economy.

  • Freely programmable PROFITRONIC+ control
  • Special cleaning programs for lightly to heavily contaminated laboratory glassware
  • Peak-load negotiation
  • Electric door lock
  • Program safety cut out
  • Redundant temperature control and monitoring using two separate sensors
  • Triple filtration system

High Efficiency : New value-added approach to reprocessing laboratory glassware.

  • Short cycle times
  • Lower water and energy consumption
  • Flowmeter to monitor water intake quantities
  • Efficient use of chemicals
  • No manual pre- or post-cleaning required
  • Throughput per batch: 232 narrow-necked glasses or 232 pipettes