1 Aralab FitoClima 600 photostability

Fitoclima 600 PLH / PLH-R – Photostability Chamber

Programming Photostability tests to run and end automatically is easy with the new color touch-screen ClimaPlus®. It is developed to simulate and automatically reproduce the conditions required by the ICH Q1B Option 2 guideline for Photostability Testing.

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  • Visible and UV Lights are independently controlled and can be programmed by % or intensity.
  • Both UV and Visible light trays have integrated light sensors allowing a correct measurement of instantaneous and accumulated light intensity with the chamber controller (PLH-R model) and according to traceability standards.
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliant, the FitoLog® software enables complete data logging of VIS and UV radiation, temperature and humidity information.
  • The equipment can also be used as a Stability chamber by simply removing the photostability special shelves and light banks and replacing them with stainless steel wire shelves.
Visible light type 8 fluorescent HF “cool white” lamps
Visible light intensity 26.000 Lux (approximately, ±6% uniformity)
UV light type 8 fluorescent HF “UV-A” lamps
UV light intensity 30 W/m2 (approximately, ±10% uniformity)
Number of test shelves One (1) for UV and one (1) for Visible light
Optimal photostability test area 0,14m² per shelf
Temperature uniformity ± 2°C (Lights On)
Humidity uniformity ± 5%rh (Lights On)
Approximate time requiredfor ich q1b visible light test 48 hours(1.2M Lux accumulated)
Approximate time requiredfor ich q1b uv light test 7 hours(200 W/m2 accumulated)