Automated Glassware Washers


The name Miele stands for innovation and high quality. More than 110 years of experience in producing premium quality products. They are market leaders in the field of instrument reprocessing in general practices, clinics, CSSD units and lab glassware applications. Miele now offers a washer-disinfector with integrated ‘Drying Plus’ hot-air drying on a mere 60 cm footprint. The new generation of machines allows comprehensive reprocessing consisting of thorough cleaning, safe disinfection and effective drying. Mobile units with a drying connection facilitate both external and internal drying of lumened instruments and laboratory glassware. Complex instruments are dried reliably using hot air. An integrated S-class H12 HEPA filter guarantees that the air used for drying is perfectly clean. Access to the filter is simple as it is located behind a service access panel at the front of the machine, allowing the filter to be replaced simply and quickly.

Miele’s new generation models for washer-disinfectors meet the most exacting requirements and subscribe to Miele’s proverbial quality standards – Made in Germany.

Thorough cleaning is the basis for safe disinfection and sterilisation.